Cask ale has been at the heart of what we’ve done since we first opened our doors in 2014.  We’ve always attempted to showcase the best that cask has to offer, supporting both well established brewers making traditional styles and young breweries producing modern styles.  To present this uniquely British product at its best takes time, care and no small amount of patience.

There has been a great deal of conversation recently within the beer community about the price of a pint of cask ale; some feel that it is overpriced while others feel that it is undervalued.

We have always attempted to offer good value to our customers; our cask ale price has only risen by 50 pence over the last four years and we have always sold our beer at the same price across the board.  When combined with our loyalty card our beer prices are very reasonable.

Recently we have noticed an increase in pricing from many of our favourite breweries.  These are breweries whose beer and ethos we love and who are presenting innovative, flavourful and often boundary pushing beer in cask.  We feel that these breweries should continue to be championed in pubs like ours.  

What this means for our customers is that we will be adjusting our prices to reflect the extra cost.  From this coming Sunday (The 2nd of December) we will be launching the following pricing bands for all of our cask beer:

0%-4% ABV - £4.40 a pint

4.1%-5.4% ABV - £4.60 a pint

5.5% upwards - £4.80 a pint

Our loyalty card scheme is still in place and will continue, so every 10th pint is on us.

We feel that this pricing structure still offers good value to our customers and we hope that you can understand our reasoning for the changes.

See you at the bar.